Divorce in Russia is regulated by Family Code Articles 18-23. As general rule, divorce is appointed by government office without court procedure. It is necessary only two application from couples, in which they ask for divorce. After one month from date of application government office for registration of civil status acts have to register the divorce.

But this procedure is unavailable if: a) one of couple does not agree with divorce or b) couples have minor children less then 18 years old.

In these cases couple have to claim in court. A claim for divorce must be applied as Article 23 of Civil Procedure Code to lowest level of Russian court system – “mirovye” judges.

Claimer has to pay state fee for trial. It is not great, about $10, and must be payed to bank account of certain court. At claim are adding copies of certificate of wedding, certificate (s) of children`s birth and original of fee chek. At all complex of documents claimer has to add copy of claim and all addition to it. Copy must be made by copier, but official copying is not necessary (this rule does not work in all courts, some of there needed for notary copying). If part of documents are in foreign language (not russian), these must be translated and approved by notary.

After applying of claim judge appoints the pre-hearing date. Defender must be informed about time and place of court hearing. If he received the sum, he has right to be absent on hearing. Then judge appoints main court hearing with new date and place, which must be messaged to both parties of conflict.

As a rule judges does not especially research the conflict situation between couples. That`s why all procedure is formal and easy. In end of main hearing judge make the decision, which shall be legible 10 days after making.

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